Pricing – Headshots


Book today – 779-875-5411

SONRIE offers headshot portraits.  Photo shoots can take place in my home based studio or in the setting of your choice.   Most shoots take place in and around the Chicago area including surrounding suburbs.  


Reasons why Headshots are important;

1. Make a professional-first impression!

First impressions are vital because you know how quickly people click away from a site if they’re not interested.  In the competitive marketplace, you want your first impression to be a solid one.

You want to present yourself and your business as professional, vital, and indispensable.

As a professional or a business owner, don’t short change yourself by asking a friend with a camera  or a smartphone to take such an important image of you.

2. You will use it everywhere on the Internet.

You may not be aware of how many places you can use your headshot. Here are a few:

  • Your website
  • Your Facebook business page
  • Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Leaving comments on blogs
  • On your blog
  • Guest posts on another website***

***Anytime you are a guest on a blog, the blogger will ask you for a bio and pic of you. Have one to share with them.

3. Headshots are an investment.

This expense will be worth every penny you pay.

And the investment will produce more than you will spend.

Check out my headshots page.  I encourage you to ask questions until you are satisfied with the answers.

4. If you not particularly photogenic, Sonrie Photography can make you look fantastic.

I’m vain, I admit it and getting old stinks. But when you’re in the hands of a professional, they can do amazing things with lighting, very expensive lens and computer wizardry. Thank goodness for that.

5. People study faces.

When potential clients come to your website, they will study your face and see if they like you or can they trust you with their business. A professional headshot of you provides an opportunity to make the connection to those who you are seeking to attract.

Photographers are trained to bring out your personality in the picture. That’s what you are paying them for. They know the right angles, the correct head tilts and all the secret tips for making you look marvelous.

6. Keeps you up to date.

Women & men both change as we get older.  It’s a natural phenomenon. We change our hair color, our hair styles but we also change our level of confidence. Yes, we may not look as young as we like, but we are more confident in who we are and having new pictures of us will show off our confidence. I’ve earned every one of my gray hairs!

Basic Headshot Session: $175

*$75 Winter Price Special

  • 45 minutes to 1 hour session at agreed upon location

  • Online gallery to choose your final images

  • All photos hand edited

  • Includes 4 digital images with print release

  • Additional images may be available for purchase

    Book today – 779-875-5411

*Spring Price Special good for a limited time.

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